Write our own European Constitution

Results of the votes

Date : 8. Jun 2013 - 10. Oct 2019
Nb. questions: 15
Description: 1st real list of questions
Total votes: 53

Question Session 3 Note NULL
A new european treaty / constitution
313 Europe needs a new institutional text 0.64 6
314 This new text should be a new treaty -0.09 19
315 This new text should be a european constitution 0.47 9
316 This new text should be written by the European Parliament -0.47 17
317 This new text should be negociated by national governments -0.49 10
318 This new text should be written by an assembly of citisens 0.56 10
Federal / Confederal Europe
310 I wish a European Federation -0.16 25
311 I wish to keep a confederal Europe 0.05 19
312 I wish to change the name to European Confederation 0.05 23
Rondom selection of citisens
319 I believe that a democracy should randomly select citisens to participate in political decisions 0.58 9
320 I don't want any random person to be selected in the political decision-makings -0.56 16
321 I wish that for some special occasions citisens be randomly selected to participate in the political processes 0.45 14

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