Write our own European Constitution

Who are we

We are citisens of European countries (french, spannish, germans, hungarians...) and we see the current powers' anti-democratic drift every-where. And this, as well at the European and National levels, but also at the economic and mediatic ones.

We are not professional politicians. We all have real jobs, and we launch this political action because none of the political movements defend our ideas.

This Plan-C front derives from the Plan C forum initiated by Étienne Chouard in 2005 during the french debate on the Treaty for a European Constitution. This site has been created by Zoltán Hubert

We need help !!!

Especially in translations.

You'll find the titles to all articles in the database ==> HERE <== If you feel like helping, please don't hesitate to download them and translate them in a language that is note provided, and send them back through the mailing-list. Needed languages are: BG CS DE EN ET FR IT LV NL PT SK SV CH DA EL ES FI HU LT MT PL RO and SL.

Also, if you find errors in texts on these pages, please translate correctly and send them back through the mailing-list.

It is very important to keep the encodings as UTF-8